Restaurant Šarman

In the tourist village Javnik, where lies unique raftering story of the family Šarman, we present you a part of this story with the cuisine with the theme of our grandparents - with the recognizable rafter’s kitchen in the restaurant Šarman..

Our ancestors; grandmother Otilija Šarman and Antonija Stelzl and great-grandmother Ana Jern were famous caterers with typical raftering restaurants.

Rafting pot, rafting pie, rafting goulash, rafting “lemež” – meat on a skewer and rafting pancakes are part of our rich menu that indulges your hungry stomachs and big eyes - WAU mmmm!

In season 2012 a team of workers with the boss, Janja Zemljič, and chef, Boštjan Pokernik, is trying just for you – (two rafters “lemež” – similar than Michelin Sterne)

Happy, musical part is provided by the boss, Gregor Martini, with accordion.


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