Greetings kormoniša!

Welcome to the home of Drava rafters, in tourist village Javnik. Eleven rafters from the Šarman family are characterized by this wonderful profession, which is marked the valley and people throughout the centuries. Franc Šarman - called “King of Drava rafters” with his congenital senses navigated the river Drava and Danube. His home in Javnik is now a raftering museum.

Today’s generation of young lumbermen are trying to preserve the tradition of our ancestors. Visitors, who are joining us on our rafting trip (“flosarska rajža”), are presented with the live of our grandfathers in the way they lived it. With soul and joy.

For you, dear guests, we have created a unique story, rafting - rafting trip, rafting history museum, a typical rafting restaurant Šarman - cuisine restaurant.

Rafters JU-HU ! Your kormoniš Franjo Šarman